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I’m Rhianne, also frequently known as Rhio. I’m seventeen. I was born June 2nd, 1996. I live in Alabama, and I actually like it here for the most part. I am Tsalagi and I have bipolar 1 disorder.
I'm into animation, pixel art, time travel, science fiction, bit tunes, angsty novels, and cult movies.

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why does everyone always claim to be “part cherokee”

i mean if you’re going to falsify your heritage then at least be creative and research some other nations, y’all

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    This sucks when I’m actually Cherokee, and then people are like “everyone is” I’m like no really my dad is, and his...
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    I been told I couldn’t be Native because the only tribe people think exist is cherokee and choctaw and chickasaw sounds...
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    i dunno man- i know some times people are told they are part something. and the information gets blurred through the...
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    Maybe his mother’s name is Sue.
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    "Huh? Lenni-Luh-what-ey? Lol what is that?" -_- I wish that this kind of stuff was taught in school. I’m woefully...
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    ^^^^^ exactly the sort of problem it causes. :(
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    500 + tribes & they ALL claim Cherokee. You know how many times I’ve heard the ‘great grandma Cherokee princess’ line?...